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Trent Steele

My name is Trent Steele, I'm the man behind Write Street, and one of the technical administrators behind My Writers Circle and Writers FM.

I work for the WCCL Network, where I help to produce the many quality newsletters we send out each week.

You can subscribe to my Smart Writers newsletter (and claim over $3000 in free writing goodies!) by clicking here.

I live in the heart of Santa Monica, where I like to spend my days in coffee shops, thinking up fresh ideas for new and exciting books and screenplays that I one day hope to sell to Hollywood... and retire on my millions!

When I do, I promise to invite you to my glitzy showbiz parties :)

Until that time, thanks for stopping by my page -

Trent Steele, Site Manager
Write Street, part of the WCCL Network

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